Domina Tapas Workshop

Do you want to learn the basics of being a Domina or Dominatrix? Or are you curious about BDSM, but unsure what kink you will gravitate towards? Come join the fun at the queer-owned Another Country Bookstore where A Girl Called Kill is hanging models in between the bookshelves for hands-on FLINTA BDSM workshops. Through engaging lectures and hands-on practice, participants will get a light selection of kinky tapas, exploring the essential elements of BDSM, guided by a feminist and queer approach. Each element is carefully chosen to not only impart practical skills but also to foster a deeper understanding of the power dynamics at play and the importance of communication and trust within BDSM relationships.

Domina Tapas is a 2 hour sampling session of the fundamentals of bondage, impact play, torture, safety, and consent, taught with a model. It will be an intimate group of 10-15 FLINTAs and the event space will be closed off to non participants. As you enter, tucked away amidst the bookshelves of Another Country Bookstore, you’ll be greeted by the lovely manager of the bookshop Kiki, and our host A Girl Called Kill, a seasoned practitioner and advocate for feminist BDSM. Whether you arrive solo or with a partner, Domina Tapas invites you to explore your desires, expand your knowledge, and embrace your inner Domina in a supportive and empowering environment. Step into the world of BDSM with confidence, curiosity, and a willingness to embrace the journey of self-discovery and liberation.

This Workshop begins with a lecture on consent and pre-negotiation, essential pillars that uphold the dynamics of Dominance and submission (D/s) play. You will learn about the psychology and neurology of subspace and risk-aware safety frameworks. Moving beyond theory, practical demonstrations provide a hands-on learning experience, allowing participants to witness and engage in various BDSM techniques under expert guidance.

Subjects include:

  • Misattribution of Desire and therefore the types of advanced consent and pre-negotiation necessary for D/s play
  • Single and double column bondage ties from Shibari and Western rope systems (ropes will be provided for practice, and all the ties can be practiced on either a partner or on yourself)
  • The basics of Breath Play and Carotid-artery Choking, emphasizing safety protocols and risk-aware practices.
  • An introduction to Consensual Torture with a demonstration of nipple clamps, pinwheels and other tools of Sadomasochism
  • An introduction to Impact Play with barehanded spanking and riding crop. Participants are encouraged to engage in hands-on practice, honing their skills and deepening their understanding of physical sensation and control.
  • An introduction to one of the most important tools of pleasure: the Hitachi Magic Wand
  • Finally we will go over the practice and significance of Aftercare, emphasizing the importance of nurturing and support for both submissives and Dominants post-scene. 

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The next workshop is May 16, 2024. Sign up here.
  • Doors and drinks: 19:00pm
  • Start: 19:30pm
  • Length: 2 hours with break
  • Open to: FLINTA only
  • Where: Another Country Bookshop, Riemannstraße 7, 10961, Berlin
  • Price: Sliding scale 25-50€ (participants discretion, no questions asked)
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More Domina Tapas Workshops


These Workshops are open to all FLINTA (Women, Lesbians, Intersex, Non-binary, Trans, or Agender People). They are particularly geared towards:

• Dominatrixes seeking to enhance their earning potential through mastering new techniques, as well as Sex Workers transitioning into the role of Dominatrixes.

Women and other FLINTA exploring the realm of dominance for the first time

Couples desiring to deepen their dynamic by honing their skills in D/s

Amateur Kinksters learning new BDSM skills in a safe, considered environment with a professional guide

Advanced Kinksters seeking to cultivate psychological safety as they venture into more intense forms of BDSM play, including sadistic scenarios, consensual non-consent (CNC), psychological sadism, or risk-aware scenes.

The Domina Tapas workshop was incredibly informative, with valuable insights into the psychology of BDSM dynamics and a perfect mix of theory and interactive experience.

By Jana S. / Student

Learning from Ms. Kill was truly a transformative experience. She not only made learning enjoyable but also painted a holistic picture of the needs and possibilities of the body.

By Allegra A. / Student

The Domina Tapas workshop was absolutely fascinating, and what made it stand out was the practical approach. The instructor didn’t just talk, she brought models for hands on demonstrations. It was eye opening to see the techniques in action and even try them out myself. The instructor was knowledgeable and created a supportive and safe environment where everyone felt comfortable exploring their dominant side.

By Ines A. / Student

Professorin Kill

A Girl Called Kill, or Mistress Kill, is a luminary in the realm of BDSM education, drawing from over a decade of immersive experience as a Domina and Educatrix. Her journey began growing up within the vibrant tapestry of a progressive, queer, and kinky feminist collective, where she honed her craft in the intricate artistry of ropework, pain, and psychological sadism – with a keen emphasis on consent and risk-aware safety protocols. Within this nurturing environment that Mistress Kill cultivated her understanding of the transformative power possible in BDSM dynamics. She emerged not only as a practitioner but as a radical educator, dedicated to nurturing a culture of empowerment and inclusivity.

As a lesbian and a transgender person, A Girl Called Kill brings a deeply personal understanding of the intricacies of identity, sexuality, and the human experience to her practice, and teaches with a queer-inclusive mindset towards identity, minds, and bodies. In a world often fraught with misunderstanding and stigma, she endeavours to create a sanctuary where individuals can explore their desires, shed societal constraints, and embrace the full spectrum of their authentic selves. Students are not only taught the technical intricacies of bondage, sadism, and Dominance, but are guided on a journey of introspection and growth. Central to Mistress Kill’s philosophy is the notion of BDSM as a means of transcending societal norms and forging deep, authentic bonds—with themselves, with their partners, and within the broader community…


Our team brings a wealth of expertise, passion, and lived experience to the forefront. Their diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and skill sets enrich the learning experience, ensuring that every student receives comprehensive and holistic instruction tailored to their unique journey. Beyond their formidable skills in the realm of BDSM, they are compassionate mentors, staunch advocates, and trailblazers in the Berlin kink scene, shaping the future of BDSM education and advocacy one whip crack at a time. 


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Mistress Kill

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