The Domina Finishing School hosts private coaching lessons on BDSM skills, psychology, and concepts for amateurs and professionals. There are classes for Professional Dominatrixes as well as classes for beginners curious to explore what being a Dominas entails. Our goals is the empowerment of sex workers and amateur kinksters through workshops that teach useful and valuable BDSM skills.


I teach many kinds of students:

Escorts who want to become Dominatrixes 

Amateur Kinksters learning new BDSM skills in a safe, considered environment with a professional guide

Dominatrixes looking to earn more  with new skills

Queer newbies and Women who have never Dommed before and want to see what it is like

Kinky couples and queer couples who want to better Domme their partner (or try for the first time)

Kinksters learning psychological safety to prepare for sadistic BDSM play, CNC, psychological sadism, or risk-aware scenes.


Professorin Kill

     A Girl Called Kill, or Mistress Kill, has been practicing as a Domina for more than a decade. She started learning consent, safety, and ropework as a teenager growing up in a queer kinky feminist collective. In 2017, she began teaching private BDSM courses and she founded Dominatrix Finishing School in 2019.

     Today, She is a Domina and Dominatrix Professorin. She is also a lesbian woman and a trans woman and approaches her practice with a queer-inclusive mindset towards identity, sexuality, bodies, and minds. The Dominatrix Finishing School seeks to advance BDSM in Berlin beyond the heteronormative mainstream depiction,  beyond third-wave feminism, into an inclusive fourth-wave of gender, sexuality, and queer perspectives.

Our Team

Mistress Kill
Model, Site Design

The Domina Tapas workshop was incredibly informative, with valuable insights into the psychology of BDSM dynamics and a perfect mix of theory and interactive experience.

By Jana S. / Student

Learning from Ms. Kill was truly a transformative experience. She not only made learning enjoyable but also painted a holistic picture of the needs and possibilities of the body.

By Allegra A. / Student

Miss Kill's hands-on teaching style made each session engaging, and I appreciated how she fostered a safe environment for me and the models. Highly recommend studying with her whether you’re a pro Domme or just curious to learn more.

By Allegra A. / Student

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