Kink and Advanced Consent Course

In this course you will learn how to apply consent to a variety of BDSM contexts from D/s and subspace to impact play and chemsex and cnc as well. You will learn the history and meaning of the frameworks Safe, Sane, Consensual and Risk Aware Consensual Kink and about the psychological impact of subspace and altered mind-states and why it is important to involve pre-negotiated consent. You will learn how to provide aftercare for subs, and what aftercare for Dommes should include. You will learn how to navigate BDSM when you and/or your partner has relevant trauma to the play itself. We will not only focus on the dangers of trauma and BDSM, but also on their healing and liberating potential when combined in a considered and compassionate manner. You will learn about the relationship boundaries, triggers, and control have with defanging and re-filing traumatic experiences.



Class Info

The lessons at Miss Kill’s Domina Finishing School are private lessons held at the studio in Weisensee, Berlin. The classes are offered for a wide range of skill sets from absolute amateurs and casual players to professional Dominatrixes. Private lessons are two hours long and you are the only student so that you can have the undivided attention of the Professorin and model as well as learning in a safe and private atmosphere where you can ask as many questions as you need. For relevant individual lessons, a model will be provided to practice on. Classes can also be booked by couples or small groups.


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    Classes are offered on a sliding scale for a personalized and private 2-hour class

    Private Lessons
    100-150€ / 2hrs

    Sliding Scale, choose your own price.

    Student Discount
    75€ / 2hrs

    If you are underemployed, full time student, or struggling for any reason, available without question or explanation.

    Sponsored Lessons
    50€ / 2hrs

    I am able to offer some further discounted classes for trans folks, refugees, and intersectional minorities. These classes are in part sponsored by other students. We will find something that suits you.


    If you are taking a Domina class in a subject that requires a model to practice on, Miss Kill will provide a FLINTA bdsm model for you to practice tying/whipping etc. The model is paid 50€ additional to the lesson cost.

    Couples Lessons
    75€ each (150€ total) / 2hrs

    One of you will be the student, and one of you will be the model. If you would both like to play both roles, you can book back to back sessions

    Group Lessons
    60€ per person / 2hrs

    Learn with your friends! You can all be students or you can trade off modeling for eachother. 4 students max.