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Experience the empowerment and expertise of Miss Kill’s Domina Finishing School, catering to individuals of all skill levels, from novices to seasoned professionals in the art of domination. Our comprehensive curriculum is tailored for FLINTA (All women, Lesbian, Intersex, Non-binary, and Trans individuals) as well as queer men, ensuring inclusivity and diversity in our learning environment.

While Physical Skills Lessons are conducted in-studio, our dynamic Psychological Skills and Conceptual Frameworks Lessons are accessible through video chat sessions. Our private online lessons offer a blend of engaging lectures, interactive discussions, and personalized coaching, providing you with the tools and confidence to excel in your journey.

Whether you’re based in Berlin or traversing the globe, our flexible approach accommodates your lifestyle. Opt for physical lessons in Berlin while supplementing your education with online courses, or embark on an exclusive online learning experience from the comfort of your own space. Join us and unlock your full potential in the art of domination, wherever you may be.

Psychological Skills Lessons

Psychological Skills Lessons focus on the relationship pain and pleasure have with attachment, desire, and power. Classes cover Power Dynamics, Manipulation Paradigms, Discipline, and Degradation.

Conceptual Frameworks Lessons

Conceptual Frameworks Lessons focus on the frameworks which underlie safe, caring, and uniquely twisted scenes. Classes cover Advanced Consent systems, Frameworks of Sexuality and Gender, and the Physiology and Psychology of BDSM.


Sliding Scale Prices

Online Lessons
100-150€ / 2hrs

Sliding Scale, choose your own price.

Student Discount
75€ / 2hrs

If you are underemployed, full time student, or struggling for any reason, available without question or explanation.

Sponsored Lessons
50€ / 2hrs

I am able to offer some further discounted classes for trans folks, refugees, and intersectional minorities. These classes are in part sponsored by other students. We will find something that suits you.

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