Sadomasochism Course

In this course you will learn the techniques and tools for safe physical pain play. You will then learn how to use a variety of tools including metal, wood, bamboo, and weighted nipple clamps, single and multi-pinwheels, and pervertables such as cooking spoons, chopsticks and meat tenderizers. Our hands can be extraordinarily precise tools for pain as well. The most influential aspect of pain is the psychology of fear, which is built upon awareness, so you will learn to control the submissive’s perspective. Lastly you will be taken step by step through aftercare for sadomasochism.  You will learn and practice proper barehanded spanking techniques, how to use long and short paddles, how to use a flogger, how to use a riding crop.  You will get more practice with a flogger, as well as learning whipping with two different riding crops. You will also get to try whipping with a belt, with canes, and with heavy impact tools such as a rolling pin.  You will learn a variety of different prolonged flogging techniques for both rhythmic hitting and hard, slow hitting, as well as how to use both light and heavy floggers. Then we will go over aftercare.


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    The lessons at Miss Kill’s Domina Finishing School are private lessons held at the studio in Weisensee, Berlin. The classes are offered for a wide range of skill sets from absolute amateurs and casual players to professional Dominatrixes. Private lessons are two hours long and you are the only student so that you can have the undivided attention of the Professorin and model as well as learning in a safe and private atmosphere where you can ask as many questions as you need. For relevant individual lessons, a model will be provided to practice on. Classes can also be booked by couples or small groups.


    Classes are offered on a sliding scale for a personalized and private 2-hour class:

    • Individual Lessons – €75-150
      • 150€ – Sponsor Price, Sponsor a class for trans, POC, and refugee Dominatrixes
      • 100-125€ – Standard price, sliding scale
      • 75€ – If you are underemployed, full time student, or struggling for any reason, available without question or explanation. 
      • 50€ – I am able to offer some further discounted classes for trans folks, refugees, and intersectional minorities. These classes are in part sponsored by other students. We will find something that suits you. 
    • Couples Classes – 75€ each, 150€ total
    • Group Classes – 60€ per person
    • Models – 50€
      • If you are taking a Domina class in ropes, impact play, or a subject that requires a model to practice on, Miss Kill will provide a FLINTA BDSM model) for you to practice tying/whipping etc.. The model is paid 50€ additional to the lesson cost.